GA-H61M-S2PT recognizing second RAM stick as DIMM3

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GA-H61M-S2PT recognizing second RAM stick as DIMM3

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Motherboard Diagram: ... e=5#manual

AIDA64 Screenshot: ... 9.png/file

I set my PC to Fast Boot so that both RAM sticks will be inserted in it, if I left Fast Boot off the PC will be in a bootloop.
this problem started happening after a dead GPU corrupted the BIOS and the repair shop I went to, desoldered both BIOSes to reset the BIOS in a weird machine, and the also removed the CPU to see whether the CPU was the culprit or not(that was before we knew that the BIOS was the culprit, so they could have bent a pin accidentally) and they cleaned the entire PC.

info will be provided if I missed any if needed.
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